Dirty Toes

“Do what others don’t, not cause you can’t, cause they won’t. “

 ~ S. Dickens ~

Known for his positive attitude, technical knowledge, work ethic, and his dirty toes, Cameron Sluggett is one of a kind. At only the age of 24, Cameron has grown 5 businesses despite his disability of living with cerebral palsy. From Oakdale to Nicaragua, Tahoe, Maui, and San Luis Obispo, Cameron Sluggett lives a nomadic lifestyle that differs from society’s standards.

Living Abroad

I have been fortunate to live in different places Nicaragua, Belize, South Lake Tahoe, Maui, and San Luis Obispo. Each of these places had vastly different experiences, some good, some bad.

Platinum Peek Productions

Dirty Toes was really the vision of Platinum Peek. Ran by two brothers, Eriksen and Soren, who are like brother to me, brought the Dirty Toes mission and lifestyle to life.