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I’ve been blessed with a super unique life! Despite being diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age, I wake up every day and live my life to the fullest. I’ve always been a lifelong adventurer, having lived in Maui, Tahoe, Nicaragua, Santa Cruz, Oakdale, and San Luis Obispo. I love being on the move!

I’ve always been entrepreneurial. In high school, I started my first business with my brother, Jordan, a landscaping company, where I serviced clients throughout the Central Valley. During this time I was also a DJ. A few years after that, I developed an app called Arkitu, a tool to help farmers get their goods in front of customers easier at farmers markets. Additionally, I grew a wifi installation company in Nicaragua, and a website/software development business.

I definitely live outside the box and don’t adhere to the norms of society. I lived in an RV for a couple years and now live in my van. I love the freedom it gives me! I’m also an avid runner and love hiking. Hit me up if you ever want to go with me!

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